Robin Licari Will:

Repeal the changes to Zoning Code 240-52 and restore distance protections between gas stations and residential districts.

Protect property values from misguided development.

Support the Town of Wappinger Comprehensive Plan and the Dutchess County Greenway Compact.

Work to protect and prevent contamination of water sources.

Maintain the property tax cap at 2%

Town of Wappinger Documents

Local Law 2

Law eliminated distance protections between gas stations and residential districts, with signatures of Town Board and Supervisor.

Local Law 6

Added to Local Law, the residential dwellings can be built over gas stations in a Hamlet Mixed-Use District, signed by Town Supervisor and Town Board.

Gasoline Filling Stations

Current gutted Zoning Code 240-52.

Red Line Changes

Zoning Code 240-52, before it was gutted by Town Board.


Recording of Councilperson Beale telling 80 of his constituents that he had to change Zoning Code 240-52 due to a court order.

Hugh - Court Order

Email from Town Clerk and Town Attorney, stating there was no court order to change Zoning Code 240-52.

Spill Incidents

Saugerties Petroleum Spill